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THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Puffins Galore! Love Yorkshire CoastVisit East Yorkshire, our generous sponsors, our fabulous artists, wonderful Puffin Pals, our thousands of visitors, local businesses and everyone who has been good enough to share our content on social media.

Puffins Galore! ended with a Grand Charity Auction on Saturday 13 May 2023. Fourteen puffin sculptures were sold in the auction whilst the other 28 were sold to their original sponsors. Together with the profits from merchandise sold during Puffins Galore! we have donated £26,750 to each of our four charities. 

While some of the puffins have now moved to private gardens and homes, many have returned to their previous locations or found new roosts in other public spaces. Their new locations (and those of the remaining Larkin’s Toads and Amy Johnson Moths) can be found on our updated ‘Where are they now?’ booklet which can be downloaded by clicking here. The free booklet is also available at tourist information centres and libraries across Hull and East Yorkshire, or you can use our Sculpture Finder to locate the Puffins, Toads, and Moths on your computer or smart phone. 


Puffins Galore! has been an epic in the making, which owes its success to the vision, generosity, tenacity and patience of all those who have been involved along the way.

Whether you call it a colony, a puffinry, a circus, a burrow, a gathering, or an improbability, Puffins Galore! has arrived. Forty-two artist decorated sculptures can be seen right along the coast from Bempton to Spurn Point, with a cheeky few migrating inland.

With their brightly coloured bill, striking black and white plumage, orange legs and comical waddle, puffins are some of the world’s best-loved seabirds – they are also seriously threatened by human activities and the effects of climate change.

The unique artist decoration of each puffin responds to one of our three core themes:

  • Endangered wildlife of the coasts and seas
  • The global warming crisis and the growth of green energy
  • People and stories of the East Yorkshire coast

We owe a great debt of thanks to many people for making this happen. We are particularly grateful to Yorkshire Coast BID and East Riding Council for having the vision to provide the initial funds and support necessary to get the project up and running, and our sponsors for making the finished product possible.

The sculptures provide a fun-filled, joyful experience for those who see them, and the sale of the sculptures after the trail ends, gives us the opportunity to support charities working locally to promote conservation and preserve life at sea. Hornsea Inshore Rescue, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution all benefit from the proceeds of the project.

Whether you see them all, or just a few, we hope you enjoy Puffins Galore!



At the end of Puffins Galore! all the Puffin sculptures will be sold, either to their sponsors or at a grand charity auction. The proceeds from these sales will be donated to our four charities which were selected for their important role in the protection of the wildlife of the seas and coasts or for their essential work saving lives at sea.


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